Elon Musk set to invest up to $15 billion of his own capital to purchase Twitter

Tesla Inc, SpaceX, Neuralink and OpenAi CEO, Elon Musk has decided to make an investment of up to $15 billion of his own money to claim Social Media App, Twitter Inc. and will make that within 10 days.

Musk is planning to launch a tender offer and has turned to Morgan Stanley, a leading global investment bank and wealth management firm to raise an additional $10 billion in debt.

Musk’s massive $43 billion bid to purchase the company or $54.20 per share may require borrowing against both the company and his stock in addition to raising money from private equity investors.

The estimated $10 to $15 billion Musk is reportedly willing to invest is well above his roughly $3.4 billion stake in the company.

The co-investors will collectively have more equity in Twitter, but Musk will remain the single largest shareholder.

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