ECG disconnect GBC for GHC 15.4 Million debt

Electricity of Ghana (ECG) has seized Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), over unpaid utility bills of GHC 15,420,246.

The national broadcaster’s electricity power got disconnected in the 9th month of Last year, thus October for failing to settle his indebtedness with the electricity firm.

According to ECG, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s transmission alone owes a total bill of GHC 4,281,342 , whilst the corporation itself owes GHC 11,138,904.

Ghana Airport Company, Parliament, UNDP, EOCO, UPSA, Ministry of Communication, Kofi Annan Centre, Entrance Pharmacy and Internal Audit Agency , including other private institutions ECG is waiting to disconnect them for their heavy indebtedness.

According to to electricity firm, it is now time to take steps to shore up it’s revenue.

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