Apple Watch to Gain Satellite Connectivity Feature for SOS and Emergency Contacts

Apple Inc. plans to upgrade their watch features with satellite connectivity which will allow emergency texting and SOS response very soon.

Satellite connectivity would enable the iPhone to send short messages to emergency contacts over satellite networks without going through a carrier.

This feature ultimately was not materialize in the iPhone 13 lineup, but feature could launch as early as this year with the iPhone 14.

Following its launch, Apple Inc. plans to bring the technology over the Apple Watch.

This plan of Apple comes in two folds to let users leverage satellite connectivity.

Firstly, called “Emergency Message Via Contacts”, this would let users send short text messages to emergency services and contacts over a satellite network when there is no available cellular signal. Theirs feature will appear with gray bubbles inside of the Messages App.

The second component would allow users report a crisis, such as a car, boat, plane crash and others to relevant and accessible authorities.

But this feature might not be available in every country.

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