BREAKING: 16-year-old boy allegedly hacks Microsoft and Nvidia Corporation

Cybersecurity officials researching a series of hacks against innovation organizations, including Microsoft Corp. furthermore, Nvidia Corp., have followed the assaults to a 16-year-old residing at his mom’s home close to Oxford, England.

Four scientists exploring the hacking bunch Lapsus$, for the benefit of organizations that were gone after, said they accept the teen is the brains.

Lapsus$ has overwhelmed network safety specialists as it has left out of control of high-profile hacks. The inspiration driving the assaults is as yet muddled, yet some network protection analysts say they accept the gathering is spurred by cash and reputation.

The teen is suspected by the researchers of being behind some of the major hacks carried out by Lapsus$, but they haven’t been able to conclusively tie him to every hack Lapsus$ has claimed. The cyber researchers have used forensic evidence from the hacks as well as publicly available information to tie the teen to the hacking group.

Another member of Lapsus$ is suspected to be a teenager residing in Brazil, according to the investigators. One person investigating the group said security researchers have identified seven unique accounts associated with the hacking group, indicating that there are likely others involved in the group’s operations.  

The teen is so skilled at hacking — and so fast– that researchers initially thought the activity they were observing was automated, another person involved in the research said.


Lapsus$ has publicly taunted their victims, leaking their source code and internal documents. When Lapsus$ revealed it had breached Okta Incorporation, it sent the company into a public-relations crisis. In multiple blog posts, Okta disclosed that an engineer at a third-party vendor was breached, and that 2.5% of its customers may have been impacted.


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