Which teams makes it to the champions league semi finals

1.Benifca the two times winner of the champions league football history faces the (6) six times winner Liverpool in the quarter finals to qualify for the semi finals. The winner faces either Bayern Munich or Villarreal at the semi finals. Let’s wait for this fantasy to end.
2.Bayern Munich the Germans gaints and also the (6) times winner of the champions league are looking forward to face Villarreal who hasn’t won the champions league in the history of football. The two teams has performed tremendously this season let see who gets to the semi finals.
3.Man city who was defeated by the bules (Chelsea) last season in the champions league league takes on Atletico Madrid and to the legacy of football both teams has never won the league.
4.And to the two times champions and also the defending champions the bules(Chelsea) takes on the all time champions who has won 13 times Real Madrid. The bules has beaten Madrid 5 times in thier meeting can they do it again??.
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