How the war between Ukraine and Russia has impacted on world of sports






War in Ukraine has Russia invade the nation, sporting activities has been suspended due to multiple bomb attacks from Russia armed forces, this has resulted to the following:

UEFA will not host this season’s Champions League final in St Petersburg after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The new venue is likely to be announced very soon, and it could potentially move to the United Kingdom.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has called an “extraordinary meeting” of the Executive Committee due to the escalating situation in Ukraine.

Chelsea football club’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich has reportedly barred from living in Britain ever again with his numerous assets to be frozen by the UK government in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on this morning.

Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold reportedly has no intention of renewing the club’s sponsorship deal with Russian airline Aeroflot

Brazilian players from Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev are meeting with their families in a hotel in Kiev. They recorded a video asking for help from the Brazilian authorities to leave the country.

Manchester City star Zinchenko attacked Russia president Vladimir Putin in a social media post after Russia declared war on his country Ukraine.
“I hope you die a painful d*ath”

Schalke have decided to remove their shirt sponsors Gazprom following the events taking place in Ukraine.

Fedor Smolo is one of the first Russian footballers to speak out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
He issued a statement:

Sebastian Vettel becomes first F1 driver to boycott Russian Grand Prix over Ukraine invasion

Roman Yaremchuk unveiled an emblem in support of his homeland Ukraine after levelling for Benfica.

The Polish, Swedish and Czech Republic FAs have released a joint statement expressing ‘their firm position’ that Russia should not host their potential World Cup playoffs in March.

Paulo Fonseca former shakhatar Donetsk head coach share his experience on the Russian invasion:
“I woke up at 5am with five explosions in a row. I had a flight schedule for today, but now it is impossible to leave here, because the airports are already destroyed and the airspace has been closed. The only way to get out of Kyiv is by land and everyone is trying to get to Lviv, a city near Poland.
The streets are completely roadblocked all we can do is pray that a bomb doesn’t fall near us.honestly I don’t know how I’m getting out of here.”

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