JUST IN: UTAG agrees to suspend ongoing strike but …..

The NEC of UTAG held a meeting today, 4:00 PM at UPSA to take decision about the ongoing UTAG’s strike and came to conclusion of calling off the strike, but this decision taken this evening, will need a vote on by members in the 15 public universities.

President of UG-UTAG, Dr Samuel Nkumbaan said the association has filed a stay of execution [on the Court order to lecturers to return to work] but the application is yet to be heard.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) Of UTAG has decided to suspend it’s 40+ days strike for negotiations to commence and end in two (2) weeks. UTAG members have 5 days to vote to accept or reject this decision by NEC. This was according to UG UTAG President Prof. Gyampo.

“Be informed that, at a NEC meeting held this evening (Monday 21st February 2022), we decided to suspend our industrial action and to allow negotiations to commence and be concluded in two weeks”, he said.

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