Chinese man tricked by counterfeit work promotion is held hostage as ‘blood slave’ for a really long time in Cambodia

A former security guard in China was reportedly kidnapped by a gang after being lured to Cambodia with a fake advertisement.

The man, identified by his surname Li, was then sold to another gang for $18,500.

In August 2021, he was used as a “blood slave” after refusing to participate in the gang’s fraudulent activities. Since then, 27 ounces of blood was drawn from him each month.

While there were at least seven other captives, the gang mostly took blood from him because of his universal blood type, O negative.

He was able to escape with the help of a gang member and is now receiving treatment at a hospital.

A Chinese man was nearly drained of all his blood by the time he escaped his captors in Sihanoukville city, Cambodia.

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