Lady dumps her guy for not getting involved in Internet Fraud

A gentleman has revealed how his girlfriend dumped him for refusing to get involved in internet fraud popularly known as sakawa or yahoo.

 According to the man, his girlfriend bought a laptop and modem for him to begin the illegal operation on his birthday claiming she was not happy with the meager salary he receives.

When he vehemently opposed her idea, the lady decided to end the relationship and walked away with the items he bought for him as well.

The full story read;


“I remembered when I was dating this girl she bought me a gift on my birthday, when I opened it I saw a laptop and a modem. I was surprised when I saw them I had to ask her who are they for? She told me then reasons she bought them for me is cus she’s not happy with my salary and”, he wrote.

Well, the man revealed that he refused to heed to his girlfriend’s advice and as a result of that, she ended their relationship and packed out of his house including the gift she bought for him.

“also I should start doing yahoo(scam) I told her I can’t do it she said if I didn’t do it she will end the relationship. To my surprise,she packed all her things out of my house including the birthday present she bought for me” he added.

The young man advised the youth to never indulge in any fraud no matter the situation because such a venture can never be described as a hustle.

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