Let them keep talking – Actress Destiny Etiko replies people who link her achievements to men

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actress who has been playing outstanding roles in this movie industry and making history with that talent. But seems people are criticizing her that she uses her for men in other gain money or wealth. To this she she gave a response in an interview with Punch. She said;

“It is funny because I work for my money and I get good endorsements. If it is easy for men to give one money, then go and collect money from men. I work, make my money, and some people appreciate me.

I just got an endorsement deal with a Chinese company. When I achieve something tomorrow, people would say a man gave it to me. Let them keep talking. Even if I don’t achieve anything, it is still the same people that would say after all the films I have been acting, I have not done anything for myself. I don’t want to take it seriously.”

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