I was assaulted by Uber driver, I was just rolling on the street like a baby -Kirbby De Model recounts on her experience

Ghanaian model Kirbby has related her involvement in Bolt driver at Nkrumah Circle.

As per her, I picked uber from Accra specialized college to home.

Was coordinating the driver yet he became lost yet later called and was coordinated.
I was making a beeline for north kaneshie so I requested that he utilize the adabraka root and he utilized circle root and I let him know utilizing awodome is frightening that is the reason I demanded that he utilized adabraka there.

He said I can’t instruct him and a ton. I stayed silent however he continued to talk. I advised him to end the ride when we get to circle, we got to circle there was an immense traffic so he advised me to land I opened the entryway and brought my right leg out adding my right leg.

What’s more he drove the vehicle I was simply moving on the road like a child and two people needed to come to my rescue.But the driver just drove off.

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