BREAKING: Chris Brown sued for $20 million over allegedly drugging and raping a woman

Chris Brown is being sued for £14 million over purportedly assaulting and medicating a lady.

As indicated by records surveyed by XXL Mag, the 32-year-old artist is being sued for purportedly attacking a lady, alluded to as Jane Doe, on a yacht that was stopped at rapper Diddy’s Star Island home in Florida.

The lady, who is a choreographer, artist, and artist, asserts that she was welcomed over to Diddy’s home by Brown after he heard her addressing his companion on a call.
The litigant said that the “Go Off the deep end” vocalist definitely knew what her identity was and he had heard her music.

In her claim, Doe asserts that she and Brown were on a yacht when he offered her a beverage. She felt “an unexpected, unexplained change in awareness” after the vocalist filled her glass for the subsequent time.
The suit likewise guarantees that Doe started to feel confused and “truly shaky” after that point.

Not long after that, Doe charges that Brown brought her into a room on the boat, shut the entryway behind them, removed the bottoms of her bathing suit, and started kissing her, notwithstanding her endeavoring to advise him to stop.
Whenever Brown was done, the suit guarantees that he verbally reported that he was “done.”

On the following day, he reached Doe demanding that she involves a Plan B to end any possible pregnancy, which she guarantees she did.

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