Elon Musk offers a 19-year-old $5,000 to take down his Twitter account that tracks his private jet

Elon Musk offered a 19-year-elderly person $5,000 to bring down his Twitter account that tracks his personal luxury plane.

As indicated by the tech media source Protocol, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO supposedly informed Jack Sweeney, the man behind @ElonJet, by means of Twitter DM the previous fall.

The record, which has more than 91,000 adherents, purportedly tracks each move of Musks personal luxury plane overall utilizing bots that study the freely accessible air-traffic information.
The power source said that Sweeney got the message from Musk that said, “Would you be able to bring this down? It is a security hazard.”

Sweeney answered: “Yes I can yet it’ll cost you a Model 3 just kidding except if?”

Musk allegedly reacted with: “I don’t adore being shot by a screwball.”

After a couple of trades to and fro, the very rich person offered Sweeney $5,000, the power source detailed.
Be that as it may, Sweeney, an undergrad, requested multiple times more.

“Any opportunity to up that to $50k? It would be [a]great support in school and would perhaps permit me to get a vehicle perhaps a Model 3,” Sweeney said, as tended to in Protocol.

The power source additionally said that Musk said he would contemplate that new installment. However, as of this moment, Sweeney hasn’t gotten any cash.
Sweeney additionally disclosed to Musk where he had the option to observe the information, which overwhelmed him with regards to the fact that it was so available to get.

“Airport regulation is so crude,” he said.

Sweeney said he’d take a temporary position rather than installment to erase the record as expressed by Protocol.

Musk hasn’t answered nor addressed the message, yet Sweeney isn’t irritated by it.
Recently, Musk said that web-based media accounts following his itinerary items are “turning into a security issue.”

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