The Military in Burkina Faso has announced on National Television that the Government and Parliament has been dissolved following a Coup D’etat to overthrow H. E Roch Kabore.

  1. 1.6 Million people displaced as a result of this action and over two thousand people have died.

    The coup was triggered by the President’s or the Government’s inability to control a Jihadist Insurgency that troubled the country for seven years.
    The military accused the Government of causing insecurity as militants were very active in the country and ask for more resources to bef up security. 50 Soldiers were killed in 2016 due to lack of equipment and training.

  2. Following that, the President Changed the Army and Airforce Chiefs.Later last year 12 soldiers were arrested for allegedly planning a coup against the president.

    Gunfires were heard in Ouagadougou, the president’s residence on Sunday and a curfew was pronounced. The Defense Minister denied claims of the Government losing control over the administration of the state on Live Television.

  3. Currently the opposite occurred in the country as the Military is now in control.
    The citizens feel insecure and are in support of the action taken by the military

    Currently the President Roch Kabore has been detained in a military barracks.

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