Notorious Land guard allegedly lacerate disabled man in wheelchair at Weija


A notorious land guard known only as T.T at Weija Old Town in the Greater Accra Region on Monday, 15 November 2021 butchered a disabled man in a wheelchair with a machete over some disagreements.

Narrating his ordeal to some media men after being treated at a clinic in the Weija municipality, the victim, Oletey Atrtam, said he was sleeping in his room when T.T forcibly entered with a machete threatening to kill him.

He said the crux of the matter was that T.T earlier, had some misunderstandings with his sister who went urinating on a building allegedly belonging to the said T.T who is also a land guard in the area.

He said when T.T entered the room with the machete, he became helpless and asked him to kill him once and for all.

He noted that T.T without mercy inflicted machete wounds on his neck, head, and shoulders.

Residents are, however, appealing to the police administration to take steps to have the said notorious land guard arrested in the area.

They said they have been living in fear anytime the said land guard and his peers strike in the area.

They claimed the land guard and his peers are uncontrollable anytime they strike under the watchful eyes of leadership in the area.

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