JUST IN: Funny face arrested by the Ghana police

Ghanaian Veteran Actor and Comedian Funny Face has been in the news for days after he started his violence again. While others think he’s lost his mind through depression, others are also of the opinion that he deliberately does what he does.

In some videos he shared on his social media , he was seen threatening some of his friends for stepping on his toes. Some of the names that emerged were actors James Gardiner, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke.

After Funny Face left the suicide note yesterday, he accused some of his colleagues of sleeping with his baby mama Vanessa and also threatened to kill actors Kalybos and Bismark The Joke. He also threatened to kill himself after killing all these people.

However, in a new development, the police has arrested the comic actor for threatening the lives of his colleagues and other people these past days.

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