Where is Gender Minister? – Elikem Kotoko on quiet of Adwoa Safo on homosexuality adventure

 Individual from the correspondences group of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elikem Kotoko, has scrutinized the quiet of the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection Sarah Adwoa Safo concerning the pollution of 19 young men by an instructor at the Kulpi Junior High School in Salaga.

He expressed that he is amazed he hasn’t heard a single thing from the area serve since the grievous occurrence happened in the country.

Mr Kotoko said considering the trial the 19 young men have been exposed to and the time it has taken for the area priest to resolve the issue, he contemplates whether there would be sufficient proof if clinical assessment is directed on them to convict the culprit.

He said the specialists have reneged on their obligations concerning the matter with such stunning quiet that nobody realizes who to consider mindful.

Mr Kotoko called attention to that if the specialists can be that flippant, wasteful and indiscreet with regards to the situation of understudies in the country, one can barely comprehend the message they are conveying there.

He consequently charged that administration can’t avoid its obligations in this matter since there is an area serve with appointees liable for that thus there is not any justification for the stunning quiet from the Gender, Children and Social Protection service.

Mr Kotoko focused on that guardians right now will be stressed over how the supposed homosexuality adventure is been taken care of in light of the fact that no one knows where such a frequency will occur next in the country.

He said how the specialists handle the matter will fill in as an obstacle or in any case for would-be culprits in the country.

Mr Kotoko said this in a meeting with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day show on TV3, Tuesday, October 5.

He was responding on the rear of the supposed homosexuality of around 19 young men by their Social Studies instructor Nantomah Otabel at the Kulpi Junior High School in Salaga, who has been captured by the police however unfit to charge him under the steady gaze of court on the grounds that the guardians of the 19 casualties laments of the absence of assets to take their wards to the emergency clinic for clinical assessment. And furthermore the quietness by the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection or his appointee on the matter.

“I don’t know till when we as a nation will make a severe move on such matters. The inquiry that asks to be addressed is, the place where is our sex serve? I think we are having too many square stakes in circular openings which they would prefer not to be told precisely what their identity is. Since the episode occurred, I haven’t heard a single thing from Madam Adwoa Safo, I am told she has not been answering to work since she is irate the President guided her to review Madam Beatrice Quashigah whom she terminated.

“It is exceptionally stressing on the off chance that you check out the difficulty the young men have gone through, the time that has passed and presently needs to take the MP to go to their salvage, would there be sufficient proof to ensnare the suspect for this situation?” Mr Kotoko tested on the New Day.

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