Tweneboah Kodua SHS authorities accused of negligence leading to death of final year student

Group of the final year student of who leaped to death has blamed experts for the School of neglecting to act when the kid fell.

The family along with the CID and the School specialists visited the location of the occurrence today.

The dad got passionate after getting to the scene.

Edward Duut, 19 years, is claimed to have scaled a divider to keep away from a normal check by the Prep Master, however arrived with his chest on the ground, getting injured simultaneously.

His dad, Larry Duut, relates he got a pain hit requesting that he appear nearby to beware of his harmed child.

He taught the guest to give the telephone to the child, Edward Duut.

“Daddy, I am harmed, I am harmed and feeling mixed up and I can’t talk once more,” the final words he will hear from his child.

Mr. Duut says when he later showed up at the school, he was told his child passed on in the wake of scaling a divider to keep away from a standard check by the Prep Master.

However, the dad isn’t fulfilled. He questions why his kid was left unattended a few hours before he was raced to the clinic.

“I considered my child’ on his telephone around 11:30pm when a companion picked and took the telephone to him. At the point when I asked him what has occurred, he said he is harmed and feeling discombobulated.

I got some information about the educators and he revealed to me he can’t talk once more. What’s more, that is the final word my child could say. At the point when I arrived my child has kicked the bucket.”

Edward later passed on at Kumawu Polyclinic in the Ashanti locale.

The upset dad says the mother was likewise hurried to the medical clinic after hearing the demise of their first offspring of five.

The mother was anxiously anticipating to see her child return home in the wake of finishing the last WASSCE paper.

“My better half wouldn’t have had the option to talk if she somehow happened to be here.

All that she said was my child and his companions were composing tests, they would get back home without my child after the test, yet his dead body ”

Family head, Paul Duut, isn’t persuaded about the Police report.

“He needs the body to stay in the funeral home until the examination is finished. The body will be at the funeral home until the examination is finished. Be that as it may, the family isn’t content with the result up until now”.

The Kumawu District Police says a posthumous will be completed on Friday to find out the reason for death.

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