Ghanaian man Narrates how he left America to Ghana ,now owns 10,000 Acre Farm

Nana Owusu-Achau, an old student of Prempeh College in the Ashanti Region, gone external Ghana for graduate examinations After that, he got the chance to work with a Wall Street organization yet later halted and got back to Ghana Currently, Nana has had the option to set up a horticulture venture that runs a 10,000-section of land rice ranch.

Nana Owusu-Achau, had the option to find employment elsewhere in America to begin a ranch in Ghana that is as of now while heading to becoming one of the greatest rice ranches in Ghana.

The set of experiences In a meeting with Wode Maya, Nana, whose fire up is called, Agro Kings Company, demonstrated that he got the chance to go to America after he completed Prempeh College in the Ashanti Region.

How he got into Agriculture According to the rising business visionary, his arrangement was to go into land when he returned to Ghana and that was all he was centered around.

“On my way to inspect a plot that we were planning to put up a building on, I met a chief of a town that had several rice farms. When it was time for me to leave, the traditional ruler offered me a bag of rice to take home with me. I tried it and it was much better than even the foreign rice brands I know,” he recalls

In this manner, Nana returned for the rice however didn’t get the specific one he wanted. He then, at that point chose to discover a few and develop them without anyone else available to be purchased, beginning with two ranchers. The following year, Nana got 25 ranchers, then, at that point 100 and 300. Presently, he has around 10,000 sections of land and is wanting to get more .

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